(Free) 15-minute consultation, come see our studio and inquire about services.

30-minute consultation $50; includes discussing permanent make-up options or other questions and concerns you may have from previous work or procedures. May also try different eyebrow shapes and colors prior to making a permanent make-up appointment.

5330 Ehrlich Rd. Ste 23  Tampa, FL  33624

Permanent Make-up & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic

3D Brow Artistry Inc. is very excited to be servicing the Tampa Fl, and surrounding areas. We have expanded and are offering new services to our menu! Prices and services are listed below. 

All appointments must be booked over the phone and require and non-refundable deposit.



Eyebrow Services 

Microblading "NEW" $400

Machine/Nano Brow "NEW" $400

Machine/Microblading with Shading "NEW" $475

Microshading/Ombre/Powder Brows "NEW" $400

Tattoo Cover-up $450-$500

(6) week touch-up session $250

(6) month brow touch-up $250-$350 depending on procedure.

(8-9) month brow touch up $275-$375.

(1) year touch up $300-$375.

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Welcome to our NEW Tampa, Florida Location


Full Classic Set $125

90 minute lash fill $75

75 minute lash fill $60

All clients must arrive with make-up free lashes. This includes foundation around eye area, eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. Failure to do so may forfeit your lash appointment.

Contact wearers, must bring solution to remove contacts or remove prior to appointment.

Now until January 31st, 2024. All clients in our Tampa location will receive 20% OFF

all NEW services!

Upper Eyeliner $350 (includes 6 week touch-up).

Lower Eyeliner $300 (includes 6 week touch-up).

Upper and Lower Eyeliner Combo $525 (includes 6 week touch-up).

Upper Lash Enhancement $350 (includes 6 week touch-up).

Upper Eyeliner w/ shading $425 (includes 6 week touch-up).

Lip Blushing $525  (includes 6 (includes 6 week touch-up).

Lip Blushing w Liner $600 (includes 6 week touch-up).

Beauty Mark $100 (includes 6 week touch-up).