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Eyebrow Artistry is not something we produce, it's something that produces a change in us and our clients. Each and every eyebrow is a work of art. All of our artists at 3D Brow Artistry Inc. are not only trained, certified, and fully insured in advanced Microblading and shading techniques, they also come from an artistic background. With our advanced training and eye for detail, our work is precise and realistic. Giving you a beautiful outcome every time. 

Our Medical Skincare and technology forward equipment and products sets Restore Skin ahead of the rest.

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3D Brow Artistry only hires professional, educated, and skilled artists. "Making every BROW a work of art"


Seeing what other artists can't, and performing what other cant do. Color corrections, permanent make-up cover ups, shading, and soft tap methods, creating full realistic eyebrows on Alopecia clients, cancer surviors, and thyroid conditions.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with advanced knowledge and training offers our clients a completely

customized designer appointment.

Depending on treatment our technician will conduct a  full medical history background, consultation, customized brow mapping, customized brow color matching, customized shaping, anesthetic to keep it virtually painless,  the full eyebrow procedure, take home aftercare products and instructions.

Prices range from $400 and up depending on artist

Melina Cogo is an experienced Permanent Make-up Artist who has served thousands of clients throughout the state of Michigan and Florida. Driven by her passion for art, she takes pride in providing the best outcome for any procedure she performs. As a PMU, Esthetician and Lash Artist; Melina has numerous specialty certifications in various fields. 

She started her permanent make-up journey in 2017, graduating with her first course at The Academy in Kalamazoo. She then furthered her career and became a certified Phi Brow Artist at the Phi Academy in Florida. As she continued her education, she then flew to Utah to train under one of the premier permanent make-up artists Dora Halos, learning advanced Machine Stroke techniques. The following year she pursued and became certified in permanent eyeliner and lip pigmentation at Girlz Ink in Chicago. Succeeding that she went to California and became a certified Deluxe Brow artist in advanced powder eyebrow techniques, became a licensed Esthetician and Lash Artist!

Certifications held:

  • Nano Brows
  • Powder Brows
  • Machine Brow Hair Strokes
  • Soft Tap Brows
  • Permanent Eyeliner, and Lip Blushing
  • Color correction from other artists
  • Shading, and Ombre Brows
  • Advanced Microblading Techniques
  • Lash Extension Artist
  • Licensed Esthetician 

“I truly care that you leave looking and feeling your best. My artistic passion and love for my clients is what makes my job fun and exciting!”

 ~Melina Cogo

Skills Include

​Nano Brows
Microblading w/Shading

Full Shade/ Powder Brow

​Ombre Brow

Machine Brows 

Soft Tap

Color Corrections

​Permanent Brow Cover-ups

​Pigment Removal​

Upper & Lower Eyeliner

Lash Enhancement

​Full Lips

Eyelash Extensions